10 November – Thursday

9:00Participants Registration
9:45How many archaeologists does it take to decolonize archaeology?
Tiffany C. Fryer
10:00Decolonise? Indigenous Knowledges and the Denial of Worlding
Beatriz Marín-Aguilera
10:15Emergency: Creatively communicating the archaeology and heritage of the Mau Mau Uprising
Hannah McLean
10:30Uncovering decolonial narratives of heritage through GPS surveying in Senegalese tourism
Janine Traber
11:15What makes up a community in a Jola village in northern Guinea-Bissau? Methodological challenges of doing archaeological research in a plural religious setting”
Angelo M. Vasco, Bruno Pastre Máximo and Marília Calazans
11:30Utu Archaeology: the urgency for Mozambican Archaeology
Mussa Raja, Lindomar André, Filipa Santos and Stella Gujamo
11:45An Archaeology of memory: Constructing narratives about slavery in the region of Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Sara Simões, Rui Gomes Coelho and Claudio Arbore
12:00Relearning archaeology: engaging with descendent communities on the island of St Eustatius
marjolijn kok
12:15Decolonizing archaeology in practice: challenges and opportunities from the ‘Colonial’ Caribbean
Laura McAtackney and Pardis Zahedi
14:15The Statue of Tara at the British Museum: An Artefact as a Sight of (Post)Colonial Anxiety 
Senel Wanniarachchi
14:30Decolonize rock art!
António Batarda Fernandes, Melissa Marshall and Inés Domingo
14:45The Asylum era in North America
Sarah Bell
15:00The “Colonization” of a Late Medieval Parish Church (Tabuado, Marco de Canaveses, Porto, Portugal)
João Rebuge
15:15De-Colonizing from the inside: Community Archaeology as Political ethics in the Spanish Rural World
Carlos Tejerizo García
16:00Archaeological ethnography as a decolonial tool: a case study in the mountainous areas of East Crete (Greece)
Klairi Gianniri
16:15Extractivism through heritage at North Shields Fish Quay: Reflecting upon the role of archaeology in reproducing coloniality through heritage-led regeneration
Katherine Watson
16:30A PanAfrican strontium isoscape and the life histories of enslaved Africans
Vicky M. Oelze
16:45Decolonizing Time, Space and Knowledge. An Archaeology Centred on Indigenous Rights, Language and Spirituality
Marcelo Miranda, Jully Acuña Suárez, Colectivo Ayentš
17:15Roundtable: Old and New Colonialisms: How do we form a Community of Action?
Leila Papoli Yazdi, Tiffany Fryer, Maryam Dezhamkhooy, Rui Gomes Coelho, and Sarah de Nardi (moderation)

11 November – Friday

10:00Fieldtrip: Lisbon Tropical Botanical Garden and Calheta Palace’s archives
Museums of the University of Lisbon
14:15Decolonising mentalities and practices: when will Portuguese museum come onboard?
Maria Vlachou
14:30A walled garden under the sea? an archaeology of submarine internet cables
Jane Ruffino
14:45Decolonizing Osteoarchaeology: Benefits of Mobility Isotopes and Osteobiographies
Maïa Magalhaes-Filion
15:00Archaeological films of the British Mandate for Palestine: A Remix
Vesna Lukic, Aidan Delaney, Thomas Kador and Amara Thornton  
15:45The Free Ground Burials in the North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island: Recuperating Memory, Restoring Dignity
John F. Cherry, Elizabeth Davis, Annalisa Heppner and Miriam Rothenberg
16:00Excavating the Past: Palestinian Archaeologists and Antique Dealers from the Late Ottoman Period to the Nakba
Nicole Khayat
16:15Encountering Neocolonialism: Feminist revolution in Iran
Leila Papoli Yazdi and Maryam Dezhamkhooy
17:15Roundtable: Decolonizing undergraduate Historical Archaeology
Laura McAtackney, Beatriz Marín-Aguilera, Tânia Casimiro, Diana Pereira, Miriam Rothenberg, and Sophie Moore (moderation)

12 November – Saturday

9:00Fieldtrip: Afro-Lisbon / Projected Memorial of Slavery, Campo das Cebolas
Batoto Yetu Portugal / DJASS-Afrodescendants Association
14:15Decent Burial: Decolonial Remembrance and Forgetfulness
Achia Anzi
14:30“Community Archaeology in Providence and Beyond”: Engaged Scholarship and Community Collaborations in an Undergraduate Classroom
Miriam Rothenberg
14:45Postcolonial Retrospect: A View from India in Five Objects
Erin Riggs, Anena Majumdar and Sumedha Chakravarthy
15:00‘A Sudden Storm Has Grown So Great At Sea’
Angela Piccini
15:15Europa Universalis? Towards a decolonization of the landscape in Archaeology
Frederico Agosto and Philipp Teuchman
16:00Invisible Lives Matter: Absence of archaeological evidence of non-white workers in Portuguese 19thand 20th centuries’ industrial environments
Susana Pacheco and João Luís Sequeira
16:15Archaeology and the trade union movement in Portugal
Sara Simões, Regis Barbosa, Mauro Correia and Sara Brito
16:30The leash of Kronos – How chronologies imprison archaeologists
Daniel Carvalho and Joel Santos
16:45The tyranny of the binary. Academic closed narratives
Joel Santos and Daniel Carvalho
17:00Robinson Crisp – Film presentation
Harriet Crisp
17:30Final remarks