Call for papers


CHAT “Decolonize!” 10-12 November 2022. Deadline for the Call for Papers extended to Thursday 30 June.

For this year’s CHAT, we invite participants to consider the theme “Decolonize!”. The development of archaeology as a discipline has been connected to the emergence of modernity, with its projects of empire and nation-state formation. In recent decades, post-colonial critiques have challenged the role of archaeology in the reproduction of power structures which sustains inequality across class, ethnic, and racial lines. Meanwhile archaeologists have come up with new archaeological practices that engage with communities’ concerns and address social problems.

We ask participants to take a step up and address the following question:

What can we do to decolonize historical and contemporary archaeology and with whom should we do it?

We welcome papers that question the coloniality of archaeological knowledge by discussing topics such as imperialism, nationalism, slavery, migration, identity, capitalism, industrialization, and collaboration, among others. Given the position of Lisbon, the capital of a colonial empire, in the emergence of modern colonialism, we also invite participants to engage with theoretical and methodological approaches that engage with alternative ontologies.

CHAT “Decolonize!” wants to continue CHAT’s tradition of being an inclusive meeting reaching beyond academia, and we also hope to upset, disrupt, and politicize the discussion where needed. We seek contributions from all archaeologists, including those based outside universities, and we would especially like to encourage contributions from those working outside the discipline of archaeology (e.g., the arts, activism, etc.).

We look forward to receiving individual and group submissions that explore these and related questions in various ways, through presentations, film, discussions, debates, posters, and performances. We are also happy to discuss ideas for submissions. Please email 250 word proposals as well as questions to by the deadline of Thursday 30 June 2022.